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The Laws contained in this book are correct at the time of its publication but the MCC website (www.lords.org) and Laws of Cricket App provide a digital version which will be updated with any minor changes, if necessary. Significant dates in the history of the Laws are as follows: 1700 Cricket was recognised as early as this date.


Law 1. THE PLAYERS Re affirms that the Captain is responsible for the conduct of his players. Law 12. START OF PLAY: CESSATION OF PLAY The Umpire at the bowler’s end shall call play to start the match and on resumption after any interruption/interval. The Umpire at the bowler’s end shall call time on the cessation of play prior to any

NSJCA Junior Competition Rules The “Blue Book”

NSJCA Blue Book V8.01 Page 1 1. LAWS OF CRICKET Play shall be governed by the Laws of Cricket – 2017 Code (with the following exceptions or as otherwise amended by these rules: a. Law 1.3.2 shall not apply and only nominated players may deputise for the captain, both prior to and during the match. b.

The Laws of Cricket | MCC - Lord's Cricket Ground

Law 0 Preamble to the Laws: Spirit of Cricket; Setting up the game. Law 1 The players; Law 2 The umpires; Law 3 The scorers; Law 4 The ball; Law 5 The bat; Law 8 The wickets; Law 9 Preparation and maintenance of the playing area; Law 10 Covering the pitch; Law 11 Intervals; Law 12 Start of play; cessation of play; Law 6 The pitch; Law 7 The ...

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ICC Cricket Rules and Regulations PDF 2021 Free Download

CRICKET RULE BOOK PDF: This section is for anyone who would like to download the official ICC rule book 2019-20. We recommend reading through the simplified guide to cricket rules and regulations first. The main section summarises the key points taken from the cricket law book. You may get more benefit from the cricket rules PDF book free ...

MCC Laws of Cricket 2017 Code - Auckland Cricket

Laws of Cricket 2017 Code 6 LAW 1 THE PLAYERS 1.1 Number of players A match is played between two sides, each of eleven players, one of whom shall be captain. By agreement a match may be played between sides of fewer than, or more than, eleven players, but not more than eleven players may field at any time.



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Hello all, I am new to cricket and am also an American living in America. Does anyone know if the MCC Laws of Cricket blue book can be purchased anywhere other than from Lord's (preferably within the United States)? Is there a PDF version that can be downloaded from somewhere?