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Vertical Lifting HF press

Economic Cost Advantage

no more soccer gif,Our machine upper press adopts vertical lifting and installs rack and pinion guide post mechanism , the flatness degree is higher than normal board jointing machine, greatly improved the timber outturn, which can save 0.3mm plane thickness , 5%-7% efficiency improved when compared to the ramps HF press

  vertical lifting

For example :

wood board size 1300x6000mmx30mm , can finish 120pcs per day,  300 working days per year, one year can save raw material is,encouraging soccer quotes

1.3 x 6 x 0.0003 x 120 x 300 = 84.24 cbm , around $750 per cbm of the wood board, so one year can save $63,180 , almost equal to one machine price.

sportsbet nrl quinella,And if consider less one times labor cost, so the cost-saving will be more .

zurich outdoor basketball courts,  

For soft wood , size 1300x6000x30mm each board   +  our vertical lifting HF press ,  daily production volume is :

sportsbet nrl quinella,     Will take around 2mins heating time , total 4 mins finish one board , which including manual gluing , feeding, heating ,discharging.

 6*1.3*0.03=0.234 , one hour finish 15pcs , so daily volume is 0.234*15*8=28 cbm

( If you need a high quality high frequency wood board press/jointing machine, or any questions about HF press,pls feel free to contact us )

Post time: Jun-21-2019